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Update and Coming in July

I've been extremely busy writing a book and creating a new course, which I scrapped and started over 3 times!


Six months ago, I decided to set a target of posting a new course every other month. That's pretty stiff (possibly insane) as these courses take a huge amount of time, planning, and money (when I'm working on these, I'm not getting paid).

The first one I tackled was highly requested - "How to make money as a filmmaker."  I was determined to make this applicable to anyone including those just starting out.

I did a lot of research, digging, and interviewed people from all walks of life.  I came to realize this subject of money was much larger in scope than just filmmakers - almost everyone trying to make it in the arts has problems with money.

So I scrapped everything and started over. Round Two!

I continued this newproduction and no matter where I turned, I found the subject pretty darn EXPLOSIVE!  Nearly everyonehad a million "opinions"…

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