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How To Look and Sound Better On-Camera Ad - Basic Filmmaker Ep 204

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    Maybe I'm confused about something here.

     So, I spend years offering free videos to people on YouTube, investing much of my own time and money, which could otherwise be utilized making more free time and money for myself.

     Then I start the university (which was by HUGE majority a request by people watching my channel) and offer free and paid courses, which at my current count has cost me tens of thousands of dollars I am not sure I will recoup anytime soon.

     Then I decide to post a video about my most recent course, which I jumped through hoops wheeling and dealing to get it down in price to $79, and offer a discount until November 30 of $59, a.k.a. I'm losing money on this.

     And I get a few negative comments and emails, and I also get possibly the most down votes on this video that I think I've ever gotten.

     There's something really wro…

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