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INSTRUCTION - Filmmaking Word - NLE - Basic Filmmaker EP 217

When you get into video editing, the first term you get hit in the face with NLE.  If you search for what NLE is, you get this nonsense:
“NLE: A non-linear editing system (NLE) is a video (NLVE) or audio editing (NLAE) digital audio workstation (DAW) system that performs non-destructive editing on source material. The name is in contrast to 20th century methods of linear video editing and film editing.”

Seriously, do people get that definitions are supposed to help the person who doesn’t know what it means - to know what it means?

It used to be that a video or film was shot, then turned into a reel of film with all the pictures on it one after another.  Editors would literally slice and cut out the unneeded or unwanted parts, and glue the film back together until they had a whole film.  This in essence was editing, and it was edited frame by frame, one after the other.  It was done in a linear or straight line fashion.

Many people think that NLE, or non-linear editing, means it’s…

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