Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vincent LaForet – Lenses, Focal Lengths and Depth of Field

 These are GREAT explanations for beginners, and also refreshers before you do a shoot. These were done by Vimeo and Vincent LaForet (who is just full of video awesomeness).

QUESTION: You have a camera. You know how to turn it on and record stuff. Now you want to make it look good. So…what’s the absolute next thing you need to know?

Well, here you go…

#1 Lenses. Which ones do what…which ones you need.

#2 Focal length. This is important as it affects how your shot looks.

#3 Depth of Field. This is MORE than just how blurry your background is. It can really ruin a shot if not taken into account.

Enjoy, and post questions if you like.


Best, Kevin

Here's all the goods:

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