Expert Filmmakers: Steadicam Shots On Hugo By Larry McConkey

Master Steadicam operator Larry McConkey mounted a GoPro to his Steadicam rig, to show a long single-take scene. Now realize this guy is lugging around an enormous Arri Alexa 3D rig on this Steadicam!

Watch the the intricate level of blocking and planning. 360-degree scenes, walls moving so they can slide in behind the chair, and an audio boom following and keeping up.

Here's the completed shot which is amazing:

And here's a short 2 minute personal interview with him.

Larry received the 2008 SOC Mobile Camera Platform Operator Award, and is truly a film professional and master of his art.


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  1. Amazing how the raw footage is turned into the finished product.

    Not to take anything away from Mr. McConkey, I have to hand it to the microphone boom operator as well. Twisting and swaying to avoid walls and overhead obstacles, not to mention the Steadicam rig, looked like quite a good job he did!

  2. For sure!

    Boom operators are in my opinion underrated. Had the boom operator hit one wall or doorway, not had the mic in the right place, or lost the sound in any way, it would be a disaster any very costly.

    Imagine all those people (including the one's not in the shots) and what they're being paid. Boom operator goes "bump" and it's a retake and a gajillion dollars wasted.

    The only sane way to handle mess-ups like this is laugh, release all the tension on the set, and do another take.

    And no, I have no idea what a gajillion dollars is. :)


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