Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lenses - Zoom, Prime, and Cinema - The Basic Filmmaker Episode 12

Prime, Zoom and Cinema Lenses. Which ones do you need? Find out in this episode!

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Some cheaper lenses talked about in this Episode...

28mm Wide Angle Lens:
50mm Nifty Fifty:
28-135mm Zoom Lens:

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About The Basic Filmmaker...

I will be posting videos, short films, DIY build projects you've never seen before, After Effects tutorials, and covering cameras, gear, sliders, makeup, DSLRs, cranes, jibs, dolly's, stabilizers, shoulder rigs, rail systems, green screen tutorials, and answering any question you ask about film making.

About the gear used...

Canon DSLR, 28 mm prime lens, Zoom H1, After Effects, Audition and Sony Vegas Pro.

Where to get some not so expensive (relatively) gear for filmmaking...

White Balance Filter:
Green Screen Kit:
Canon T2i 550D:
Canon T3i 600D:
Canon T4i 650D:
28mm Wide Angle Lens:
50mm Lens ("Nifty Fifty"):
28-135mm Zoom Lens:
Zoom H1:
Zoom H4n:
Rode Videomic:

The music "Chemistry" is licensed by me and can be obtained from:

Thanks to my YouTube Favs...
Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer, FreddieW, Film Riot, The Frugal Filmmaker, Knoptop, Indy Mogul and Corridor Digital for trail blazing, and, to YouTube and Vimeo for giving filmmakers a home.

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