Monday, July 30, 2012

The Hocus Pocus of DSLR Focus - The Basic Filmmaker Episode 16

I am getting a lot comments from new DSLR users about how to keep a DSLR in focus while shooting video. Well, without getting into follow focus systems and shot planning, here's an answer!

Best, BFM

Monday, July 2, 2012

1500 Subscribers! Thank You! - The Basic Filmmaker Episode 13

I just wanted to thank everyone personally for helping to make The Basic Filmmaker a success. I just reached the 1500 subscriber mark, and really appreciate everyone who helped.

Here's looking to the next 1500, 5000, and over 9000!

Here's a playlist for all the episodes so far:

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About The Basic Filmmaker...

I will be posting videos, short films, DIY build projects you've never seen before, After Effects tutorials, and covering cameras, gear, sliders, makeup, DSLRs, cranes, jibs, dolly's, stabilizers, shoulder rigs, rail systems, green screen tutorials, and answering any question you ask about film making.

The music "90 Seconds of Funk" is licensed by me and can be obtained from:

Thanks to my YouTube Favs...
Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer, FreddieW, Film Riot, The Frugal Filmmaker, Knoptop, Indy Mogul and Corridor Digital for trail blazing, and, to YouTube and Vimeo for giving filmmakers a home.

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