Questions and Answers! The Basic Filmmaker Ep 45

We cover video submissions, cameras, editing tools, music, bloopers, computers, training, partnerships, and what to do if you have no gas money!

NOTE: For my non-English speaking subscribers, here's the full text of the episode.

I get asked a lot questions. Let’s answer some.


I try and answer every email, YouTube comment, Facebook, Twitter, and blog post. Here’s some of the most popular and frequently asked.

Q: Can you do a video submission type thing, where we submit videos?

A: I’m trying that with my recent Create a YouTube series, where I walked viewers through the start to finish of creating a YouTube video. After the series ended, I asked viewers to submit their episode, which MUST be based on the work they did, using that series. That’ll probably be next week’s episode if I get enough valid submissions. Up until now, I haven’t found video submission successful, as if no one submits anything, you have no episode. You should however submit your videos to other channels that do this, such as IndyMogul. The link is provided below.

Q: Yo! BFM Dude! What camera should I get?

A: Take the best camera in the world and put it in the hands of someone who doesn’t know the basics of filmmaking, and it will suck. Take a low end camera, even an iPhone, and put THAT in the hands of a skilled filmmaker, and you get awesome sauce. So, get a camera YOU LIKE and can afford that shoots HD, learn the thing inside and out, learn how to shoot with IT, and go shoot a ton of video. Spend your time learning how to shoot awesomeness with what you’ve got. When you’ve got that down, THEN upgrade to the next thing, instead lining the pockets of companies who want to convince you need something better. Yeah…that should be popular.  And that’s why I don’t’ have sponsors.

Q: What format do I convert my video to so it works in my Editor? I’m using Adobe Premier CS 6.

A: None.  Premier will handle just about anything you throw at it. No conversion required.

Q: Where do you get your music?

A: I make it myself, download freely shared music, or buy it. I put an episode from Indy Mogul in the description below that covers where to get a ton of free sound effects and music.

Q: Can you make your custom thumbnail a GIF so that in the Subscriptions page it is animated?

A: (thinks, then shrugs – doesn’t know).

Q: Here’s two interesting comments: Great videos, but I have to say the bloopers at the end of your videos make me cringe. Man I love the bloopers at the end of the video. The other night I went through all of your videos again just for them!

A: OK. Viewer one, sorry about that. I would suggest not the end. Viewer two, Thanks! I put bloopers and gags in the end of my videos because I like stupid stuff that would make a 10 year old laugh. And, other people find them entertaining. For example, this Steel worker walks in to a bar…

Q: Do you always put something a bit “off” in your videos for people to find?

A: I do. Mis-spelled or mis-pronounced words, an object added to my set, something upside down, and others. Remember my 10-year old mind set. Also, I find it amazing that some viewers can actually pick these little details out. 

Q: How do I go shoot my film, when I can't afford gas to go anywhere?

OK. As a filmmaker, or a human being for that matter, you can create problems, or solve them. People who solve problems do well. People who create problems for themselves and others, don’t. Your choice.

Q: I'd like to shoot an outdoor scene and modify the look as if it's really during the night. I heard that those night shots are normally made during daylight.

A: Some are and some aren’t. There’s a LOT of videos on YouTube about this, called “NIGHT FOR DAY”. I’ve included some links below on how you can do this.

Q: What type of computer do you recommend for video editing? Why do you have a Windows and not an Apple?

A: Actually I have, and use both. The product you’re trying to achieve with a computer is:  a completed and rendered video. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you can do that.

Q: Maybe you could make a smaller side show where you talk about tricks for more advanced filmmakers. Anyway, great stuff!

A: I’ve been thinking about this. I just haven’t worked out the time to do it yet.

Q: What editing software are you are using? Great vids btw!

A: I’ve used a ton of different editors, and settled on the Adobe CS6 products, as I like how they integrate with each other. Again, the product you’re trying to achieve with the software is: edited and rendered video. In my mind, it doesn’t matter if you use Premier Pro, Sony Vegas, HitFilm, Avid, or iMovie, as long as you can do that.

Q: Where’s the best place to get After Effects training? Luv the show!

A: There’s a LOT of After Effects training videos. My two favorite places to train people are: Andrew Kramer’s site, If you hunt around you’ll find good, basic training videos on that site. Once you’re done with those, you can move on to all the other mind-bogglingly awesome training videos on his site. Next is This is the single largest wealth of information for ANYONE doing ANYTHING in video. The people on there are “in the industry” pros, AND, they have forums where they answer your questions. Both these links are in the description below.

Q: Can you do an episode on YouTube Partnership?

A: Partnership rules have changed, and for the better, in my opinion. As you create more videos, you get more options. I just covered that in Episode 7 of my Create a YouTube Episode series, which you should watch. The link is below.

Q: Any ideas on my new channel, like how can I get more subscribers?

A: Sure, Watch these videos over here. I’ve included the links below.

Q: Question: can you use 4/5 feet instead of 3/4 feet length tubing?

A: This is talking about my Olivia Tech DIY jib episode. I’ve had a ton of questions on if this jib can be modified and made longer. Frankly, I don’t know, as I haven’t tried, but many subscribers have done so. You should head over to the video, take a look at the video submissions, and hook up with these people who have done so.

Q: What kind of quick release plate should I get for a canon 5d ii?

A: Although more expensive, I use Manfrotto quick release plates, as I like the quality and they’ve never failed.

Q: Can you tell me the render settings for YouTube?

A: Absolutely. In my last episode, I pointed viewers to a BAMMO episode on exactly how to do this. I’ve included the link below.

Q: Could you show your Adobe Audition work flow? I'm not an audio person and I can't seem to find any good tutorials for learning Audition.

A: Go for a ton of episodes on using Adobe Audition.

Q: I'd like to see over the shoulder shots.

A: I do plan on doing this in an upcoming episode.

Q: Please do a video on the amazon thing!

A: She’s referring to doing an episode on how to set up an Amazon seller account. I set one up because I wanted to see how it worked. You basically set up a seller account on Amazon, and get special links you can use to promote products, like a camera. When your viewer clicks on the camera link, it takes them to the Amazon camera listing. If that person buys that camera, you get a very small percentage of what they bought. It costs the person buying the camera nothing. If you plan on doing this so you can have a few dollars to use on Amazon, that’s cool. If you plan on doing this to make a lot of money, good luck.

Q: What lens do you use for these episodes?

A: Well, I’ve used the 28mm, the 50mm, and 28-105mm lenses.  I’ve included my amazon seller links are below (joke).

Q: How come you don’t have like a zillion views on this channel?

A: I like helping people, and I don’t have “subscriber envy”.  I don’t make anything off this channel, except knowing there may be someone who can now make better videos or films. You should watch this video, also in the description below, where I cover subscriber statistics and how that can really ruin your channel and your brains!

And that wraps up my latest Q&A episode.

Again, if you’ve been following along with the create a YouTube video series, make sure you get your episode in this week so I have time to include it in the next episode.

I hope this helps, and thanks for watching!