Monday, February 25, 2013

Create a YouTube Episode - Part Four - Setup - The Basic Filmmaker Ep 41

GET A ROOM! Got your OUTLINE? WHAT you'll say? WHAT will be seen? Well, now we setup everything for our shoot! Also, I tell you ALL the things that can go wrong, and describe the oddness of spontaneously disappearing!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

OliviaTech Notes from The Limb Reaper

The Limb Reaper ( sent me this email and said I could re-post for everyone to see. Enjoy!



Hi all,

Here are some photos of the jib I built today based on the plans from Oliviatech and The Basic Filmmaker.

Of all the Jibs/Cranes/Booms I've tried this was the easiest to build with the best results right out of the box.

The fluid head is the Manfrotto 502ah and the tripod is the Vanguard Alta+ 264AP. The Vanguard tripod is pretty nice and stable considering my limited experience with expensive tripods. The Alta head that came supplied, wasn't optimal for video, but would be and is very nice for still photography.

The Manfrotto 502ah head is fantastic for video! The major drawback to this head is the cost of the mounting plates (504P long) at $64.90. Yikes!!, that's some expensive head ;-)

If considering the 502ah head then definitely plan on buying the Manfrotto 577 Rapid connect adapter with the 501P long plate.

At $49.50 for the mount and plate and $24.95 for additional plates you can't go wrong.
Then again there is always the Giottos MH621 QR mount and plate on Amazon for $30.00 and they supposedly fit some Manfrotto plates too. One thing I will be doing is tapping an additional 1/4-20 hole in the front base plate of the jib or maybe even a 3/8 inch hole instead of just using the alignment pin. I see a potential disaster in my pictures (see frame 58); daylight under the front plate.

In the photos you'll maybe notice that I'm using the Sima Quickonnect mounts (pucks) and plate at the end of the jib (which don't seem to be available recently, even from Amazon). I'm glad I bought a bunch. I don't recommend using them on lens-heavy, high-dollar cameras, but they are great for GoPro and Handy Cam type cameras and would probably be useful on lightweight lens DSLR's.

For those of you who've seen my gigantic (sort of big) jib/crane, you know I built it with a mechanical cable-controlled Pan and Tilt. I'm not bothering with this simple jib. I had to counter balance using 7.5 pounds (about 3kg?) for the Sony Handycam shown. I actually tried my NEX-VG 20 and had to use 12.5 pounds (about 6kg?). By using the fluid tilt on the Manfrotto head I can actually tilt the camera and if I feel strongly about it, I can pre pan by using the square plate of the Sima QR and simply mounting it in 90 degree increments right, left or reverse.

If the weather is good and I can get out (and find something of interest to film) I should have something up soon.


The Limb Reaper

Photos here:!615&Bsrc=SkyMail&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&sc=Photos&authkey=!APAkJwEy_Q7k9JM

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Create a YouTube Episode - Part Three - The Shooting Plan - The Basic Fi...

We have the outline, we've decide WHAT we're going to say, now let's figure out what will be shot and SEEN! Also, meet Old Uncle Filmmaker who will tell you a nice story, and why Johnny should get a glass window installed in his stomach!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Create a YouTube Episode - Part Two - The Outline - The Basic Filmmaker ...

Learn to create an Outline, what to write, what NOT to write, and we get all the words worded for our episode! Also, see the word "blah" over 20 times, AND see how not to put a battery grip on a camera!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Create a YouTube Episode Part One - The Basic Filmmaker Episode 38

The most requested request on my channel is: "How do I create a YouTube video from start to finish." So, this video kicks off that series! Plus, meet "kitty", and learn god-like powers!

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