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 No Film School Post

     I was honored to be featured recently on their massive filmmaking site, No Film School.

     So there's no confusion, I'm the guy in the middle.  

     And here's the video they featured about sound, in case you haven't seen it.  If you haven't, watch it.  It's one of the best sound videos that have ever been made.  OK, I'm overselling it a bit.  Get used to my dry humor, I come from Scottish and English roots. :)

     I don't ever go to sites or other creators and say, "Hey!  Can you [post/watch/review/whatever] my video?"  I don't know, maybe that's OK to do, but it just feels a bit weird to me.

     I get requests like this all the time that fill up my email in box.  Some I take a look at, some I don't, but most, especially if they are NOT subscribers to my channel, I just delete.  Nothing personal.  I would rather make my videos than read through a nautical f-ton of "Hey look at me!" requests.

     Again, nothing personal, and I get it.  If you don't get someone's, anyone's attention, you stay unknown, and no one ever watches your videos.

    That being said, when I saw my inbox filling up with volumes of emails and subscribers, more than the usual, I wondered what happened.

     Sure enough, I saw that No Film School had retweeted my video to their followers.  Cool, and awfully nice of them to do so.

     Then D4Darious (Darius Britt), a channel you should subscribe too, and a cool guy, say's how cool it is that I got featured on No Film School.  So I go there, and I see that middle photo (shown above at the beginning of this post) on their site, and I'm like, "Wow! That's really nice of them to do that."

     I move onto pressing work issues (I've got 36 projects in the queue right now, and that's just my real work). 

     I get another notice about the "article" posted by No Film School on their website.  Cool.

     Wait, what?  An article?

     I go back to No Film School and click on that middle photo that I thought was a middle photo.  And sure enough - there's a whole article, written by someone, breaking down my video, with a way better title than I have.

     There's three things I learned this week.  

     One, pay frickin attention to things others post about you, really take the time to take a look at what it was, and thank them a lot for taking their time to do it.

     I would normally do that anyway, but having not done the first thing - pay frickin attention to things others post about you - I could have missed this.

     No Film School gets nothing for finding, picking up, writing about, and posting these videos that I know of.  And I certainly didn't ask them to, which makes that act even more awesome.

     And that makes them a real friend of mine - helping filmmakers - which is really what my videos and my channel is all about.

     Thanks No Film School!!!

                                         Warm Regards,

                                          The Basic Filmmaker

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  1. That's awesome, You deserve the recognition. You have been a very positive influence in my film making. You truly have the heart of a teacher. Thank you.

  2. I just passed this into a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that.


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