Editing Quick Tip - Color Correction and Shot Matching - Basic Filmmaker Ep 149

     So much for YouTube scheduled posts.

     I had the Q&A video (next post down) for this week, and this video for the next week, as I am traveling so I pre-made them for this trip.

     Well, YouTube (haven't checked if this is my error yet) posted both on the same day. Oh well. You get TWO videos this week, none the next.


     Sometimes I think a video is going to be really short, and it ends up being (some might say needlessly) long.

     Other times, like this video, it ends up being really short. When it's really easy and really short, I know I have a cool tip on my hands that someone may not know.

     There will always be the naysayers who bitch and complain about how these easy things are too easy. They can't fathom how much I DON'T care.

     What I DO CARE about is people watching my videos who say, "I'll be dammed! That looks pretty easy. I think I'll try it!" and achieving some small success DOING something they didn't know they could do.

     And then the next, and the next, and the next.

     That's how you build a filmmaker - one basic simple skill at a time, a skill that's understood, a skill that can be DONE with success, and building and building and building on that foundation until one day he or she looks up and says, "I'm going to make something, and it's going to be really good. AND I KNOW HOW TO DO IT."


     I don't always achieve perfection on these. Hell, to be honest, I don't EVER achieve perfection on these.

     But at least I try, and maybe my ideas about what perfection is, at least for my YouTube channel, will help you take a new look at things.

     Or maybe not, and you'll get to the end of this post and bitch and complain how I wasted all your time. If that happens, I'll leave you with this - you can always CREATE more time, so quit fooling yourself.

     I (try to) tailor ALL my videos to my audience - the basic filmmakers, writers, editors, shooters, renderers (ad infinitum) as most people watching my channel are beginners, or people who may have had a gap in their filmmaking education, or just want to know a new way to do things, or for some odd reason find me mildly entertaining.

     Perfection for me may not be what it is for you.

     I think of perfection when it comes to THESE videos as - SOMETHING THAT HELPED SOMEONE DO SOMETHING JUST A BIT BETTER.

     Let's take this shot matching video.

     It may be too "basic" or too "simple" or too this or too that in your opinion. Frankly, I'm glad you have an opinion - some people don't - like the walking dead.

     You've got a client or a schedule or something going on, and you just have to get the video or thing done right the hell now - and the shots don't match.

     So you go off into color correction land and tools and plugins and Speed Grade and all this other stuff, and spend a ton of time trying to make the shots look good when you cut from one to another.

     Just for good measure, you pour gasoline all over yourself and light yourself on fire, or you do the mental equivalent which is secretly berate yourself for not correcting your white balance or something between the shots.

     After you're all done editing and berating yourself, you realize you spent more time dicking around with that, than you did making the video.

     But that's OK, as you're a filmmaker and you want everything perfect. We all do.

     Well, what does this have to do with perfection, how perfect is perfect, and what the hell I am talking about?

     For me, that's answered by someone commenting or emailing me saying this thing or that thing or something helped them, or they didn't know this, or they've been struggling with something, tried it out, and it works.

     For me, all it takes is one person helped.

     For me, that's perfection.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker