Monday Q&A - Babies, Cows, Punches and More - Basic Filmmaker Ep 148

      Q&As aren't popular, at least as far as views are concerned, but I really like doing them.

      Maybe I get 10,000 views on a video, and only get 2,000 on a Q&A video. Maybe I should stop making Q&A videos?


      I think it helps subscribers who have similar questions, are curious about the subject, or answers a question they didn't think to ask.

      Want to know how I put a Q&A video together?


Sounds simple, but this takes a great deal of time to get the content together.

I sift through ALL the comments left in the last month or so on all my videos. Then I sift through all the the emails I've gotten in the last month or so. I also include anything that is NOT a question that may be of interest. Many times I'll head over the Facebook and Twitter, and check out any questions or comments left there.


You might notice NOT ALL these are questions. That's because every one of these has a PURPOSE.

Let's take up one where the person says:

"I was honestly a little worried when I first heard about the schedule but the videos you have made so far have dismissed that fear."

I didn't include that comment to toot my own horn - far from it. I included that because the answer points to another video, which shows subscribers AND non-subscribers alike that I have posting schedule.

In other words, every one of these has a PURPOSE.

I have to chuck the one's that may only be of interest to very few people, but realize I also already answered it so the person is cared for.


I found it's easier, more efficient, and much more appreciated by end viewers to see the actual comment posted.

So I go find the comment (or email) and screen shot (I use the Windows Snipping Tool) the comments or emails and save them under the person's name.


This is just me blasting out the beginning, the middle, and the end. I'll just make this up real quick and show you what I do. It looks something like this:


Time for some Q's and some A's!

It's Monday, Q&A Week, where I answer your questions and comments.

John Q. Public asks, "What is a camera?"

A camera is a device used to take still non-moving pictures like this.

It is also used to taking moving pictures like this, called video.

[and so on and so on]

Then I write all the end stuff with what's next week, a subscriber message, the closing, and the outtro bumper.

5. Film it all.

That's pretty self explanatory.

6. Edit and cut the crap out of it.

That's cutting the hell out of everything so it fits into something about 7 minutes, and inserting all the stuff that you see in the episode.

I am understating how much time I spend doing this, watching it, and cutting it, over and over and over.

7. Post it.

Upload it to YouTube, watch a bunch of times. I mean a bunch.  On my computer, on my iPad, on my phone.

Additionally, as you've seen lately, I spend a time writing about the video on this website, what you are reading right now.

8 . Release the hounds!

I make it live and re-post it to all my social media outlets.

9. That's a wrap!

      That's pretty much it.

      This is not even CLOSE to what goes into one of these videos by far, but gives you some idea of how these are put together.

      Hopefully this assists you in your own videos in some way.

                              All My Best,

                              The Basic Filmmaker