Q&A - White Balance, Cards, Story, Music, Violence - Basic Filmmaker Ep 153

     I often get asked questions that surprise me.

     Not that they are bad questions, but a lot of times I'm surprised that someone doesn't know how to do something that I do, and I DIDN'T THINK ABOUT MENTIONING IT.

     Makes me wonder how many things I don't know that someone takes for granted that I do. Maybe I need to ask more questions?

     I think I just answered my own question.

     WHY DO Q&As?

     I love doing these, as they are direct answers to real people asking real questions. They don't generate views, and as you may have gathered, I'm am definitely not about VIEWS.

     I started this channel a couple years ago thinking maybe a handful of people might want help with some filmmaking things.

     Looks like a bunch of people do. I'm pushing 30,000 subscribers as of this date (a number I NEVER IMAGINED I would reach), and between 1000 - 10,000 views on each video.

     Someone's watching, and hopefully learning something.


     As with all my videos, I either put outakes after the end outro bumper, or I add something I think may be amusing (to me) or something I want to try for some reason.

     This smack down at the end was not meant to be super awesome.

     It was meant to see if I could film myself acting like I was smacked down (while slowly ramping up the emotion), keep the camera running, and then have myself again be the smacker downer.

     The test case was how fast and simple could I do this.

     And the answer was pretty darn fast. I just kept the camera rolling and walked over to the other side and guessed where I would punch myself.

     That ending took me about 2 minutes to film, and was REALLY simple to edit.

     Why do I do these things?

     If I can get somewhat legit results out of some idea really quickly, then I know if I actually spent some time on this, I could knock it out of the park.

     Sure, I've done this before a bajillion times in my real work, but remember, this channel is all about ME doing EVERYTHING MYSELF.

     That way, I figure if I can do it myself, so can you, and that's what this channel is all about.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


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