What The Hell Are Flippy Cards? Basic Filmmaker Ep 154

     What the hell are "Flippy Cards"?

     Well, there's all sorts of names for them, but I'm not a real technical jargon kind of guy. In fact, I'd prefer to lose the technical jargon altogether. But that's just my opinion.

     Some people wondered about those cards I use in my videos that flip around, so I thought I'd show how to make them.

     It's not a hard thing to do, and once you've created one, they're really easy to clone inside the editor and make more.

     They're also a good way to cover up jump cuts.

     A million and one uses...

     You can use them them for product placement (like my amazon SD card example shown in the video), section examples when switching from one subject to another, and for Q&A videos to show the question the person asked.

     I know I said a million uses. Use your imagination for the other 999,997.

     The idea is that you come up with your own "flippy card" with your own type of look and feel.


     Remember, editing is the final step before rendering and releasing your video to the world.

     Every time I've had to short cut the video in editing because of time, I was forever saddled with a posted video that I thought could be better, knowing that I cheaped out on the video.

     This is usually not taking the time to use cards, b-roll, give more visual examples, or even insert some stupid photo of something I'm talking about.

     These "flippy cards" a least give you something more interesting to look at than my mouth moving, and I hope they are helpful to you too.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker