Manual and Remote Focus Plus Four (4) Additional Videos - Basic Filmmaker Ep 155

     There is so much to getting good focus.

     Yet, it's very simple when you're doing the talking head thing like I show in this video.

     I wanted to present two options to filmmakers who have some sort of flip out screen, and those that don't.

     Obviously, if you watched the video above, you get it.

     So what's next?

     Well, that's where I mentioned my series on focus in the video.

     Dated? Yes, about 3 years old, but all the concepts and drills still hold up.

     Although I hate watching my older videos (I still intend to remake them all up to my current standards), here's each video that covers a bevy (my latest overused word) of tips, techniques and drills that will turn you into a focus ninja.

     Let me know if you think I missed something and if these helped you in anyway.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker