Filmmaking Dialogue Tip - Basic Filmmaker Ep 163

     Most basic filmmakers are creating videos usually on a zero budget and using themselves, friends, family and inexperienced actors.

     To spend all that time writing and shooting and planning and editing, only to end up with badly acted scenes, is really a shame.

     Sure, bad acting and writing can be the culprit. But a lot of times, it just a simple matter or practice.

     Best VFX ever with an alien spaceship landing, doors open with a hiss and great sound effects, the two actors walk out of the spaceship, they start talking and CRINGE.

     It's not their fault really - it's yours. Either your script and their lines suck, or they are "acting". Actor one gives his line, Actor 2 sees he's done. Actor 2 gives her line. Actor 1 sees she's done, and so on.

     These people need to practice those lines. They should be able to do it slowly, fast, and everything in between.

     Once they have that, then it's time to do the same thing with each other. Now the game is can they do the lines to each other slowly, really, really fast, and everything in between.

     Great. Let's shoot it!

     Well, not yet.

     Now they need to put some life into it. Now they practice the lines until they look and sound like real people who are in that situation.

     These "pregnant pauses" in between dialog aren't usually normal. Just go listen to two people talk some time.

     If you are unfortunate enough to have to edit this dialogue, be happy if these are over the shoulder or cut shots. That way you can control the speed of the dialogue.

     If not, you'd be better off just re-shooting it.

     The best is taking the time with your novice actors and practicing with them until they sound like the real people they are representing in your video or short film.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker