Write Better Using Hemingway - Basic Filmmaker Ep 161

     The best advice to writing I've ever been given by famous writers is, "Writers write."

     In other words, writers write - a lot.

     This applies to people who write copy for ads, web blogs, press, novels, short stories, and in our case, scripts, screenplays, videos, films and more.


     Copy, ads, blogs, press, novels, short stories, scripts, screenplays, videos, films, and so on, are not the same. Each has it's own writing style and audience.

     The real trick to writing is knowing which style of writing to use, and not pretending you are the best in every style of writing just because you are really good in one of them.

     That opens the door to learning.


     Most of you don't have the luxury of having skilled, experienced writers on hand. That can make it really hard. You have to guess or hope that what you are writing will be simple and understandable.

     Worse, you have to be the person who takes a critical eye at what you write.

     Or you don't do that and say, "Yep - that's awesome!" Or hammer the hell out of what you wrote (and yourself), and never really finish what you are doing. Or you ask some "expert" who is not an expert, and get misled.

     It would be nice to have someone on hand who doesn't have an attitude about what you write, isn't try to prove to you they are better than you, and let you decide whether their advice is warranted or not.


     That's where this app can really help.

     It's like having another person look at what you wrote, yet they have nothing to gain.

     It's just, "Here's the facts as I see them, you decide if you want to do something about it."


     The main use of this is making things simpler.

     If you want the really "smart" people to understand what you wrote (and will eventually shoot), that's fine.

     I'd rather try and write something everyone can understand, including the "smart people."

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker