Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Basic Filmmaker 2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Ep 169

     I decided to make a “merch” site - Basic Filmmaker branded items for sale.  Not because I expect to make money off this, but because I was making a humorous video for the holidays.

     So far, this video has about 40% down votes (most ever), comments and emails such as "sell out" or "you're trying to make money now" or whatever. 

     I also think I “called out” a few people for being cranky bastards or bastard-ettes around the holiday season (see the end of the video after the outro), and that may have pissed these cranky holiday season people off.

     Let me say up-front that I really, really, really, don't care.  Really.

     I make videos for filmmakers and anyone else who cares to watch.  If they like them, fine.  If they don't, fine.  I don't make these videos to gather fame, to make money, or anything else.  In fact, I don’t make any money at all doing this.  Even if I did, so what?

     The only reason I make these videos is to help other people.  Let me say that again - the only reason I make these videos is to help other people.  Especially filmmakers, as that’s something I know a lot about.

     In your filmmaking travels, you’ll get accused of terrible “crimes” like posting a video that’s too long or too short; talking too much or too little; “selling out” because you tried to make a bit of money (even though you’re spending ten times that much making them); and a hundred-hundred other “crimes” that apparently you are a terrible person for.

     Just ignore it.

     Otherwise you play into the VERY SMALL percentage (very small) of people who feel they’re entitled to everything they want.  The only point of view they understand is their own.  They don’t have a frickin clue about life, the universe, or anything else for that matter.

     These people have a “cute” bag of tricks they pull on the rest of us all in an effort to stir up trouble. You may know these folks as “trolls” or just a-holes.

     For example, they’ll accuse you of “selling out” or “trying to make money.”  Now you feel the need to explain that’s not what you are trying to do.  Or you feel the need to explain that IS what you are trying to do – as you need to eat too.

     The first rule I adopted a long time ago, and has kept me sane (opinions may vary on this) was, “Never explain, justify, or make excuses for any ‘mistakes’ real or imagined.”  That’s a mouthful, and you may want to read that a few more times.

     The ultimate answer for anyone who tries to drag you down or make you feel less or makes you want to explain why you are doing what you are doing, is just ignore them, keep doing what you are doing, and keep doing it better.

     These people ARE NOT your audience, so why cater to their noise?

     What you should be looking at is NOT that one crappy comment from that one crappy person.  Look at the other 186 comments saying, “Thank you.”

     As a filmmaker and creator, you bust your butt making your creations, and ask WAY too little for it.

     You don’t have to explain ANYTHING to ANYONE. 

                                                  My Best,

                                                  The Basic Filmmaker

Saturday, December 5, 2015

YouTube Channel Branding Tip - Basic Filmmaker Ep 166

     I've been laboriously working (in my spare time - haha!) on a full-blown education channel for many months.  It's a labor of love, as I love to teach others by breaking down  "complex" things to their basics, and presenting them so they can be understood and USED.

     One single course, called "How to be Successful on YouTube" is probably going to be around 10 hours or more of training material. 

     As I develop this course, I keep coming across things that I think would be useful to those Basic Filmmaker's out there who want to start a YouTube channel or make their existing one better.  Which means I am going to share it with them.

     What a pain it was for me years ago to find a branding name available across all the social networks I wanted to set up.  Back and forth to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google +, my website name, StumbleUpon, and on and on, looking for a name I could use that would be a good branded name, say what my channel is about, and all be the same.

     I was doing some research for this course, and when I came across http://knowem.com/ I went "Ugggghh!" and "Hooray!" at the same time.  I could have saved so much time those many years ago trying to find a common name for my channel and social media outlets.

     Branding is a huge subject with a lot of false ideas and misunderstandings that I completely tear down in my course, then build back up from it's basics so anyone can really understand what branding is all about, how to take full advantage of it, and, more to the point, understand its simplicity and USE it.

     But until that's done, I thought I would share this wonderful little tidbit to save anyone those excruciating trips through YouTube and social media name hell.

                                                  My Best,

                                                  The Basic Filmmaker

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Captions and Subtitles Updated - Basic Filmmaker Ep 165

     I was traveling, and thought I would handle a request to update how captioning and subtitles work on YouTube now.

     This was recorded on a crappy handheld recorder, and from a screen capture.

     I always open and close my videos with me talking no matter what, but I didn't have a camera handy.

     Then I remembered those old Monty Python skits where they have those static pictures with the guy's mouth moving, and thought, "What the hell.  Some people will get it. Some won't. Don't care."

     Although this is really cheesy, the content is not. 

     Captioning and subtitling your videos is actually a kindness to people who don't speak your language.

     When YouTube tries to translate what you are saying to another language, having the correct things titled in the video really, really helps.

     So, if you want other people to understand your videos - why wouldn't you - then take a few minutes to at least paste in the correct words.

      You may not get a "thank you" for doing this, but I am sure there are many people who appreciate the extra effort.

                                        My Best,

                                        The Basic Filmmaker

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