Captions and Subtitles Updated - Basic Filmmaker Ep 165

     I was traveling, and thought I would handle a request to update how captioning and subtitles work on YouTube now.

     This was recorded on a crappy handheld recorder, and from a screen capture.

     I always open and close my videos with me talking no matter what, but I didn't have a camera handy.

     Then I remembered those old Monty Python skits where they have those static pictures with the guy's mouth moving, and thought, "What the hell.  Some people will get it. Some won't. Don't care."

     Although this is really cheesy, the content is not. 

     Captioning and subtitling your videos is actually a kindness to people who don't speak your language.

     When YouTube tries to translate what you are saying to another language, having the correct things titled in the video really, really helps.

     So, if you want other people to understand your videos - why wouldn't you - then take a few minutes to at least paste in the correct words.

      You may not get a "thank you" for doing this, but I am sure there are many people who appreciate the extra effort.

                                        My Best,

                                        The Basic Filmmaker