YouTube Channel Branding Tip - Basic Filmmaker Ep 166

     I've been laboriously working (in my spare time - haha!) on a full-blown education channel for many months.  It's a labor of love, as I love to teach others by breaking down  "complex" things to their basics, and presenting them so they can be understood and USED.

     One single course, called "How to be Successful on YouTube" is probably going to be around 10 hours or more of training material. 

     As I develop this course, I keep coming across things that I think would be useful to those Basic Filmmaker's out there who want to start a YouTube channel or make their existing one better.  Which means I am going to share it with them.

     What a pain it was for me years ago to find a branding name available across all the social networks I wanted to set up.  Back and forth to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google +, my website name, StumbleUpon, and on and on, looking for a name I could use that would be a good branded name, say what my channel is about, and all be the same.

     I was doing some research for this course, and when I came across I went "Ugggghh!" and "Hooray!" at the same time.  I could have saved so much time those many years ago trying to find a common name for my channel and social media outlets.

     Branding is a huge subject with a lot of false ideas and misunderstandings that I completely tear down in my course, then build back up from it's basics so anyone can really understand what branding is all about, how to take full advantage of it, and, more to the point, understand its simplicity and USE it.

     But until that's done, I thought I would share this wonderful little tidbit to save anyone those excruciating trips through YouTube and social media name hell.

                                                  My Best,

                                                  The Basic Filmmaker