A Comment on Social Media and 2016 Plans - Basic Filmmaker Ep 171

     This video may piss some rather social media talkative people off, and, as usual, don’t care.

     I love social media and communication.  I love to hear what people have to say.  In fact, I am the first person to stand in line when it comes to someone's right to communicate.

     What I object to is that some people think they are "communicating" when in fact all they are doing is spouting out anything that happens to come into their minds, and considering that everyone in the world should be interested.

     Why do I care?

     Well, because I'm caught between a rock and a hard place with regards to social media.

     I would love to follow and track a lot of people.  I did this once, and I got thousands of random posts from not only them but all their friends and the friends of friends ad infinitum.

     "But", you say, "You can just set who you want posts from and who is important and who is not!"

     Really? Who the hell has time to do that?  I don't, and I don't find the people I could follow have anything of interest to me when they randomly post shite.

     I'm not talking about you of course.  I'm talking about all those other people who post all sorts of ME ME ME posts.  I just don't have the time.

     You may notice I follow VERY few people on Facebook and Twitter, and the reason is those people post quality posts that actually contain something other than a bunch a blah blah that fills up my pages and my email.

     They don't post about everything they can think of just to gain some status of having a lot of posts.

     This may sound very egotistical or snarky of me, but I don't care.  Following everyone who follows me cuts off all the people I want to know something about.  And again, who the hell has the time to scroll through thousands of posts each day?  I don't.  If you do, you're either lucky or you need to go film something.

     Just so there's no mistake, I did not make this video to rant or be an a-hole or anything else.  This is a very minor attempt on my part to increase the QUALITY of communication that is occurring on Social media.

     Do I think it will create an impact?  Not really.  But maybe a few people will think about it next time when they want to post all the insignificant crap about themselves that no one really cares about.

     Or probably not.

     If you really read between the lines, there's a filmmaking message here.  When you are going to communicate through film, videos, social media, or whatever, BE A FILMMAKER.

     Filmmakers are EXPERTS in communication.  They are constantly thinking about how the AUDIENCE is going to receive their MESSAGE.

     Hopefully you don't fall into this same "look at me" thing as a filmmaker.  You've got way better things to do with your time, like creating films and videos, tricks and tips, things others might want to know, or just something to brighten up someone's day.

     Or, maybe I'm just feeling bitchy. :)

                                        My Best,

                                        The Basic Filmmaker


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