Short Animated Film - Christmas Lottery 2015 (loteria de navidad 2015)

     The Spanish Lottery commissioned this short film for 2015.

     Sure, the animation is really nice, the lighting was painstakingly rendered, the editing and cuts are fabulous, and it should be obvious a nautical [bleep] ton of work went into this.

     Nothing in this short is groundbreaking and it is, frankly, a commercial.

     However, it is a fine example of how a well-written and visualized story is what makes everything work.

     The next time you are caught up in all the "problems" of filmmaking [need new gear, lights, lenses and et cetera to infinity and beyond], take another look at this or the many other fine short films that have been made.

     Don't spend all your time on HOW you are going to make something.  What you want to nail is the STORY, as that is what truly makes any video, short, or film work.

               My Best,

               The Basic Filmmaker