Translate YouTube Titles and Descriptions to Reach A Global Audience - Basic Filmmaker Ep 175

     YouTube spends loads of time and money constantly developing and adding new features.

     Being a YouTube creator myself (among other things), I applaud their efforts.

     Unlike Netflix, television, movies and other visual mediums, YouTube knows it's customer is NOT the end user, but the creators that make video content and draw the users to YouTube.

And this is a really, really, really big audience of all races, colors, creeds, religions, ages, and pretty much everyone on Earth.

     I have some history trying to talk to the rest of the world as follows.

  About two years ago, my channel was growing, and I noticed people from non-English speaking countries were starting to watch my videos.  That's why I started close captioning (also known as subtitling) my videos.

     Here was my first attempt to show other YouTube creators how and why to do this:

      Since then, YouTube updated their captioning tool and made it easier.  A few subscribers noted this, so I made an update video showing this new method.

     More recently, a network person I know mentioned checking out the way YouTube handles translations for video titles and descriptions.  

     I took a look at this and thought no one would careMy thought was people from other countries already watch my videos, at which point a red flag shot out of my brain.

     It took me many years to train myself to have a mental red flag shoot out my brain when I do this.  In other words, to NOT think a thought and decide what I thought is now true.  

     This was one of those moments. I decided the only way to see if this has any use was to do it, which I did on my last video.

     Glad that red flag shot out of my brain!

     I got quite a few emails from foreign subscribers telling me how grateful they were to see the video titles and descriptions in their native language.

With those results, I decided to share it with other YouTube creators which is why I made this latest video.

     It doesn't take a lot of extra time to subtitle and close caption a video, as long as you take the few minutes to do so.  That way, when foreign language viewers hit that CC icon, they get a pretty reasonable translation of what's being said.

     After seeing the rave response to translating the video title and description of my last video, I highly suggest you look into taking this additional step on your own videos.

     The whole purpose of a filmmaker is to create things that other people enjoy and understand, and these translation features make that all the more likely.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker