TV Host Interview with On-Camera Acting and Voiceover Tips - Basic Filmmaker Ep 173

     This was really a fun episode to make.

     You might not know this, but I get a LOT of comments on my videos, and one of my secret vices is to go check out what the person leaving the comment is up to on their YouTube channel.  

     I don't usually mention this, as then people start leaving comments so I go check out their YouTube channels, and I really don't have the time - I'm already up to my eyeballs answering comments and emails (15,000 and counting).

     That's how I ran into Craig Burnett, as I checked out his channel which then directed me to his website and I found out he was a professional TV Host and voiceover artist of some renown.

     I decided to be bold and brazen and asked him if I could get some on-camera acting tips and information about being a voiceover artist.

     To my surprise, he said, "Yes."  I'm not surprised now, as I found him to be nothing but friendly and a pleasure to work with.

     First, I send him my questions via email, and he answered them with loads of great quality information.  

     I was really excited to share this with my viewers, as I know many of them have their own YouTube channels, and would like to present themselves better on-camera.

     So I shot the episode, but it ended up being me talking away about what he said.  In other words, it was really boring, and I thought it sucked.

     Still excited to present this information, I re-shot the episode and tried to make it better, with some "text-y" things that made it more interesting.

     That pretty much sucked too.

     I decided this episode wouldn't work unless I used Craig's voice with me asking the questions and him giving the answers.  

     So I bit the bullet (I don't like asking people for MORE when they have already been far more accommodating than I expected in the first place), and emailed him asking if he wouldn't mind recording his answers to my questions.

     I received an email back from Craig saying he would video his responses to my questions, and I think it turned out fantastic!

    The bit at the end of the video makes me laugh every time I watch it, and it was really hard for me NOT to thank him profusely at the end of the video, but it would have messed up his outtake "punchline."

     If you are like I was when I started this channel, and stepping out from behind to the front of the camera to be a "host" scares the bejesus out of you, just stay calm, watch this video a few more times, and take comfort in knowing that if you suck as much as I did, there's no where to go but up.

     Just keep learning, practicing, and creating the best you can with what you have.  That's my plan, and I hope that's your plan too.

                                                  My Best,

                                                  The Basic Filmmaker


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