Sarmonic Wireless Lapel System ($89) vs Røde Wireless Lapel System ($399) - Basic Filmmaker Ep 177

     Sarmonic (never heard of them) contacted me and asked if I wanted to review their $89 wireless lapel system.

     I need more gear like I need a hole in my head, so I told them, "Don't send me crap. I won't review it, won't use it, and will throw it away."  They sent it anyway.

     When I opened the package I must admit I was kind of impressed.  It looked and felt like my higher-end Røde system, so I thought I would test it out and NOT throw it away.

     I shot this video and had no idea if this thing would work or not.  

     After the editing, I was really surprised how this thing held up to the Røde system at 5 times the cost!

     My evaluation?  Sure, you're not going to beat Røde, even if you only look at their whopping 10-year warranty!

     But, for the money? Heck yeah! 

     This Sarmonic system really delivers, and I highly suggest it as an alternative, or additional, or backup, wireless lapel mic system.

     You can get it here on Amazon: 

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


     Just for the record, and in case someone does the "Well, you get this stuff for free so of course you're going to give it a good review!"

     First, I want to to say, "[insert bad word] you." My policy is I don't review or post videos on stuff I don't like or find useful to people watching my channel, no exceptions, and I make sure the manufacturers know this up-front.

     Second, I do not need gear, nor do I have gear envy.  Trust me, I can get my hands on just about any type of gear I want, and cost is no object.  So, "[insert bad word] you" again.

     Third, you might wonder why I still want to say "[insert bad word] you." When you accuse people (like myself) of being dishonest, it just pisses us off, and makes people like me wonder why whomever raised you didn't bitch slap you for the worse manners ever.

     Just because YOU would do that, doesn't mean the hard-working people who devote their time and effort FOR FREE on YouTube would do that.

     End of  "[insert bad word] you."


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