Saramonic SmartRig - Connect an XLR Mic to a Phone - Basic Filmmaker Ep 180

     Pretty simple video.

     I was poking around and saw this XLR adapter to an iPhone (or any smart device) and thought I would check it out.

     It's $22, and not bad for a backup in case of emergency.

     It's obviously odd, as why would you take a $600 microphone and connect it to a $22 adapter to record on your iPhone.

     Well, as I said, in case of emergency.

     There have been one or two times when everything was going really bad with sound, and I would have killed to have something like this parked in a bag somewhere.

     I'm watching these Saramonic people pretty closely.  They seem to have pretty good budget filmmaker gear and I am finding them to be really nice people.

     I also made a point in this video about doing your own research.

     I mean, really.  You watch someone do a review, then just go out and buy the thing, and then complain to the reviewer that they didn't cover some essential need you want?

     Always do your research.  Just go look at some reviews, or look at the specs on the manufacturer's web site.

     That's your best bet to get the gear you need and want.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic FIlmmaker


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