Time Management For Filmmakers - Basic Filmmaker Ep 182

     After receiving an email from a viewer, and talking to a few other filmmakers, it occurred to me some people have a problem with time management.

     And it is a real problem.

     Filmmaking has schedules, time constraints, delivery dates, and more little gears than a futuristic robot.

     Most filmmakers know on a large production, that tight scheduling and planning shot lists, location availability lists, and so on, are crucial to meeting deadlines.

     There's an army of people before you and after you that are counting on these schedules being met, and if you muff it, the whole thing can fall apart and cost a nautical eff ton of money.

     What's never occurred to most, is that it is much better, saner, smart, and pleasurable to lay out one's day. That puts YOU in the driver seat and let's you control your life.

     There will ALWAYS be time pressures, but if you don't account for things like some personal time, family time, breakfast, lunch and dinner time, moving that sedentary editing in a chair body around time, looking at the world for 10 minutes instead of a computer screen time, well, you actually lose time under the illusion that you are saving time.

     I know this as a fact, as I've been around people who work very hard for a very long stretches, for most of my life.  I myself, work incredibly long hours.

     But there is a point where your eyeballs looking at an editing timeline need to take a break.

     If you really plan out your day, and try and get those things done you need to get done, and account for all these little things that help you be productive, you'll have a lot more fun and enjoy what you are doing.

      This video tries to address that, and possibly help a few filmmakers, or anyone for that matter, get some control back to their crazy lives.

     As long as you keep it fun, don't beat yourself up on what you DIDN'T get done, praise yourself for what you DID get done, you'll love this simple method of planning out your day.

     I am sure all sorts of people have their own methods of making sure they plan things so they can live life, and that's good.

     But for those hard working people who don't, this video is dedicated to you.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker