Tips for Gear Manufacturers, Advertisers, Angencies, Reviewers, and Viewers - Basic Filmmaker Ep 179

     Maybe I'll get a bunch of crap for his video, and I don't care.

     When I see companies do really stupid things, it pisses me off.


     Companies hold any number of people's lives in their hands. The employees, their spouses, the employee's children and so on, all depend on the company making smart decisions and being successful.

     When I see people in companies do really stupid things, it also pisses me off.


     People depend on a company for their wherewithal, and what they do in that company certainly DOES affect the company and people in that company.

     I don't know if this is true, but my Mom once told me there was an Indian tribe where all major decisions made by it's leaders had to take into account the effect it would have on the next THREE generations of people.

     I think that is smart, and, a way to do business and live life.

     In this video I list a couple companies and people in those companies that have done some really stupid things.

     You think this video is long?  Not by a long shot.

     It was originally twice as long as I listed company after company, and person after person in those companies doing really stupid things.

     By stupid things, I mean things that make you stand back and face palm your head.

     I am NOT anti-company by a long shot. I think people who are anti-company are basically jerks.  Companies employ lots of people, they contribute to the economy, they keep things going.

     Those companies are run by people.  Take away the people, and you've got a building that does nothing.

     So, I decided if even ONE company watched this and maybe took a look around their company, weeded out even ONE stupid thing that company or it's employees are doing, that would help the company and it's people to do better.

     Next I covered ONE ad agency.  There are many who just don't get that the same rules above apply to them too.

     Then I went on to give YouTube reviewers some tips about how to deal with all this.  It disgusts me that a few companies and ad agencies will throw mere pennies or make it look like some big deal that they are giving a $300 piece of gear to someone for a review.

     To top it off, some idiot a-holes watch these reviews and start taking pot shots at the people who do reviews as if they've committed some GIANT CRIME for spending 100 hours of their time to review something for them, which they get to watch FOR FREE.

     In a nutshell, I made this video to tell everyone to get their heads out of their behinds, quit acting snarky and entitled, and just place nice.

     Maybe no one will get the point, and that's OK. I said my piece, and now I'm moving on to more important things.

     But for the SMALL percentage of a-holes in the world who make it hard for the LARGE percentage of good people making this world go round, now I have something to send them when they crawl out of their holes and start making noise.

     Yeah, some people aren't going to like this video.

     Don't care. :)

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker