What is an Editing Timeline? Basic Filmmaker Ep 181

     This video was made for very new filmmakers and video editors.

     I got a lot of requests from a lot of new filmmakers to explain the timeline in a video editing system

     I thought this was odd.  Surely (don't call me Shirley) there must be a ton of videos covering this.

     I didn't look at everything, but most of the tutorials I saw jumped into all the editing features and what all those little buttons and widgets do, but I couldn't find anyone who had simply explained what a timeline does, and what it's for.

     That's why I made this video, because of all the requests, and because someone will want to know this.

     I imagine a lot of people will think this video is too basic or stupid or whatever, and I don't care. 

     I don't think there is anyone who first started out in filmmaking, ran up a video editor for the first time, and didn't think or mutter the words, "Holy s**t!"

      Hopefully this video will help those who requested it, and other new filmmakers in the future who want to know what a timeline is.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


  1. What video editor can you recommend for novice? I want to buy good software but i don't know what to choose. Sony Vegas looks good but i didn't find discount for it on the http://www.softdiscounts.org/video/ and it's expensive. Maybe it will be very hard for me?

    1. Hi Amelia!

      If you are a student, I would highly suggest jumping in with both feet and getting a subscription to Creative Cloud from Adobe, and you will get EVERYTHING. Students get a discount.

      If not, you can try another editor like Sony Vegas. It works and is a nice editor. It doesn't things a bit different than "real" video editors, so if you decide to change to a higher end editor (Like Adobe - Premier Pro), it will be another learning curve.

      If you want something for free, check out Hit Film Express.

      I hope that helps.


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