How To Add More Depth With Free and Paid Music - Basic Filmmaker Ep 186

     Here I am again, working my ass off editing the 146 videos for my latest course on Basic Filmmaker University, constructing quizzes, downloadable materials and more.

     I just got done editing a piece about using music, as many have asked me about this.

     SCREEEECCCHHH!!!  The following hard right turn I took when you weren't expecting it will make sense in a minute... 

     Here's a little secret - I have this irresistible urge, when I make a video, to share it right the hell NOW!

     A lot of creators I know make enough videos MONTHS in advance to stay ahead of the game.  One guy I know always has the NEXT 6 MONTHS of videos ready for his channel! WHAT!?

     I just can't do it!  I know - I tried - and failed.  When I finish a video, it's usually in response to A LOT of requests, so I want to post it NOW, NOW, NOW!

     I'm told I should have a posting schedule based on metrics of views. Ya know, find out what day gets you get the most views when you post something on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.  Then, post things on those days.  It's called a posting schedule.

     Yep, correct, 10-4. roger, gotcha, communication acknowledged.

     Well, not really.  MAKE IT NOW! POST IT NOW!

     I wondered why I suffer from this supposed malady, and concluded it's because someone, usually a lot of someone's, asked me a question.  And they don't want to sit around and wait for me to answer their question on the day or week or month they happen to "fit into my posting schedule."

     These people happen to have a problem they would like to solve at the given moment they ask it, and I don't like keeping them waiting, while they continue to mire around in their problem.

     Maybe a bit over dramatized, but there they are on the side of the road with a flat tire, I drive up, they ask for help, I say OK, drive off, and get back to them in a few days.

     I would feel utterly shitty about that.

     SCHREECCCH!!! Right turn executed, another, and another. Yay! We're back heading in the right direction again!

     So here I am again, saying to myself, "Ya know, a lot of people have asked me about this music thing. That's why I'm putting a whole section on music in the course.  Oh what the hell, let's also make a short version for my YouTube channel and get it posted too!"

     Yeah, it's weird huh?  

     I'm working my real filmmaking gig, a university, a gigantic course, and 40 other things that need to get done right the hell now, and right in the middle of that, I decide to shoot and edit YET ANOTHER video.

     And that's the point of the video - to help those who asked questions about music in a video.

     I guess I should have saved you some time and simply said, "I made this as I'm a sucker for someone who needs help. The End. Fade to Black." :)

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

p.s. If you wonder what all these links are, I am testing something.