My Top 10 Video F*** Ups You Shouldn't Do - Basic Filmmaker Ep 187

     I'm always tinkering around with giving people useful information, and seeing how it is received.

     Don't get me wrong - the purpose of this video is so MAYBE someone who is sitting idle on their video, or taking forever to make it, or waiting for that perfect piece of gear, or afraid that someone might not like it - will just say, "To hell with that!" and go make it.

     But I've been told two things I'm not sure I believe, and wanted to see what happens.

     ONE: If you use a real or suggest a cuss word in your video or title you will draw more viewers.  Not sure I believe that, and I expect some to be offended by this.

     TWO:  Using a title such as "Top 10 XXXXX" gets you listed in search results better. Not sure I believe that either, since everyone would title everything "Top 10 XXXX" for every social media post and video.

     However, I thought I would check it out and see how it relates to my channel and my video statistic.

     I also wanted to mention that I am VERY close to wrapping up the first Basic Filmmaker University course, and I am offering anyone who has enrolled in the university or the free-mini course $100 off the price.

     This is also another test - I am absolutely sure that someone is going to come along and say they missed out on the special offer, or whatever.  Maybe not, but when I say I am going to cut off that special offer only to people who paid attention and did enroll, and I release the course, well, that's it.

     I also realized I haven't been getting any clicks from links on this website here.  Then I realized I haven't been including any links to click on. LOL and DUH!! :)

     Anyway, thanks for following along, and I hope what I am doing is helping you in some way.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker



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