Saramonic MixMic Audio Kit Review (Part 2) - Basic Filmmaker Ep 190

     I decided once and for all, I would either get off my high horse about NOT recording audio into a DSLR, or prove myself wrong.

     Well, neither happened really.

     I can see how IF you insisted on recording your audio into your DSLR (which I still don't understand) you would absolutely want something like this audio kit to do it.  It really is the best way to pull it off, IF you also do some post processing on the sound.

     I am also of the opinion that there is no way I would do this, if the audio I was recording was important to me.

     I still think if you are going to spend $500, $1000, $2000 on a DSLR, then you should just pony up the extra cash and get a good mic and a good audio recorder. Syncing these, of which I've made MANY a video on how to do this, is really simple.

     I would usually say, "that's just my opinion" but, I think it's a fact. I have yet seen anyone able to match a good mic into a good audio recorder by recording sound to their DSLR.  I'd be OK with being wrong about this, so send me a video that shows me you can do it.

     IF you care about the audio for the video you're recording, spend the money. If you want to TRY and get decent audio and insist on recording it to your DSLR, then get one of these units.  If you don't care about getting good sound, then you're either not recording sound or I think you'll hit that brick wall of never evolving to that next step as a filmmaker.

     Sound is MORE than 50% of your video. Kind of up to you, but I would suggest if you want to create watchable videos or films, you need to develop your sound skills sooner or later.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


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  2. Thank you. I've been slacking, and need to update with the past few videos.

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