Monday, August 22, 2016

My Very Long and Very Overdue Q&A Video - Basic Filmmaker Ep 194

     Shame on me!

     I needed a viewer to remind me that I hadn't done a Q&A video in over four months!

     I REALLY like doing these Q&A videos.  They're fun to do, allow me to add some humor (well, at least humorous to me), and I usually take the opportunity to offer my opinion on something.

     It always reminds me of how many cool people there are out there that support what I am trying to do, and I appreciate it.

     Currently, I am working on another new course over at Basic Filmmaker University - these are SO time intensive and involved. OK, maybe they are for me as I'm really picky about the research and what I am saying to make sure it's all legit, and more importantly, that every lecture offers something to the student they can APPLY to their filmmaking.

     I am also considering making a video about gaining subscribers.This may sound self-serving, but really, I am not a "see how many subscribers I can get" kind of guy.  However, I am a "see how I can attract subscribers who may need and want these types videos and don't know the channel exists" type of guy.

     Mainly I want to do a test - if I make a "call to arms"  type video, asking all my subscribers and viewers to help me up my subscriber count, would this actually work?

     I want to see if this is a viable process for YouTube creators and if so, share it with them on my YouTube course as a successful action, or, a "don't do this" thing.

     I haven't quite figured out how to present this without coming off "subscriber" hungry, which I am most definitely not.  I've always said that as long as I have ten people interested in making their filmmaking a bit better, I'll keep making these videos.

     So it's a bit of a conundrum - how to I do this test without looking like I am hungry for subscribers?  Still figuring that one out.

     Anyway, thanks for watching, thanks for your support, and we'll talk to you next week when I (hopefully) start my series of reviews on the stabilizer I eluded to in the Q&A video.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

$28 Be Audio Lapel Mic - Basic Filmmaker Ep 193

     What can I say?

     No matter what, I continue to get questions from people who spend between $500 and $5000 on a camera asking me, "What is the cheapest microphone and audio recorder I can get?"

     I liken these questions to someone purchasing a $200,000 Lamborghini and asking where they can get the cheapest car wax at Walmart, then complaining that their Lamborghini just doesn't turn out all shiny like it's supposed to.  OK, I get it.  Well, actually, not really.

     The only thing I can figure out, is these film and video makers don't know any better - which is totally normal - it's called learning.

     That I do get. I've been around for a few years, and trust me, some of the sound I've captured (or worse, paid for) is pretty awful.

     The real thing to realize is the audio is 50%, no, 90% of your video or film.  

     Then realize that if you want your film or video to to have a half-a**ed chance in hell of being liked, you better have good, no, excellent audio.

    Then realize that if you're going to cheap out on audio gear, that you are doing so to get experience in handling and recording audio, until the day you can buy something worthy of the things you plan to create.

     Then finally completing the "how do I make my video or films awesome" by finally purchasing the proper gear you need to get good audio.

     In the meantime, purchase something like the be-Audio lapel mic, and figure out how you get the BEST sound you can out of your phone and this mic.

     When you finally have enough money to invest in a pro lapel mic and recorder, it will be a no brainer for you to get the best audio you can out of that.

     My Best,

     The Basic Filmmaker

Thursday, August 11, 2016

How To Learn About Sound and Audio - Basic Filmmaker Ep 192


     Little did I know posting this video would be received (by a very few) as a "commercial" and that I was doing this as a favor or to make some extra cash.

     Well, fine, and, don't care.

     When I find something I really like, I get excited about it, and review and post a video about it - in this case a review of Curtis Judd's sound and audio course.

     Heck! I even got everyone watching the video $20 off the course with this link:

     Some are wondering why the hell I would send people off to another course when I have my own free and paid courses at Basic Filmmaker University.

     Well, you see, when I find something I really like, I get excited about it, and review and post a video about it...

     I just can't get it across to some people that I did NOT create my new University or my YouTube channel for money, or fame, or anything else other than trying to help out other people, in this case filmmakers who want, no - NEED, to learn good fundamentals on getting good sound for their videos.

     And, when I do make money off these things, apparently that's some evil crime in YouTube land. I mean, shouldn't I spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours and not make any money?

     Apparently, some don't get basic economics and the fact that you need to make more than you spend, or, you go broke, and can't afford to make anything anymore. Or even scarier, maybe they do.  I hope not.

     And, apparently I am a terrible person for doing things like that.

     Well thank [insert deity or whatever of your choice here] that is only a few people.

     And, for those very few people that fall under the above, let me repeat a long-standing comment I've made a number times in my videos - DON'T CARE.

     For everyone else, thank you for supporting the Basic Filmmaker University and my YouTube channel.

     Really.  I couldn't be happier with all the kind people I've met doing the things that I do, and that probably includes you if you're still reading this. :)

     Thank you!

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

How To Create Multiple Titles Trick (Adobe Premier Pro) - Basic Filmmaker Ep 191

     So, there you are, dinking around with a project and realize you have 152 titles to add at certain places in your video, and, it's due tomorrow!


     Well, if you're using Premier Pro, this is a great trick to use, and a real time saver.

     Just watch the video and see the magic.

     Basically, set markers at the places you need to insert your titles, use the tool as described in the video, and voila!

     It's a real time saver when you have a lot of titles to position in your timeline.

     Hope you enjoy this tip!

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

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