$28 Be Audio Lapel Mic - Basic Filmmaker Ep 193

     What can I say?

     No matter what, I continue to get questions from people who spend between $500 and $5000 on a camera asking me, "What is the cheapest microphone and audio recorder I can get?"

     I liken these questions to someone purchasing a $200,000 Lamborghini and asking where they can get the cheapest car wax at Walmart, then complaining that their Lamborghini just doesn't turn out all shiny like it's supposed to.  OK, I get it.  Well, actually, not really.

     The only thing I can figure out, is these film and video makers don't know any better - which is totally normal - it's called learning.

     That I do get. I've been around for a few years, and trust me, some of the sound I've captured (or worse, paid for) is pretty awful.

     The real thing to realize is the audio is 50%, no, 90% of your video or film.  

     Then realize that if you want your film or video to to have a half-a**ed chance in hell of being liked, you better have good, no, excellent audio.

    Then realize that if you're going to cheap out on audio gear, that you are doing so to get experience in handling and recording audio, until the day you can buy something worthy of the things you plan to create.

     Then finally completing the "how do I make my video or films awesome" by finally purchasing the proper gear you need to get good audio.

     In the meantime, purchase something like the be-Audio lapel mic, and figure out how you get the BEST sound you can out of your phone and this mic.

     When you finally have enough money to invest in a pro lapel mic and recorder, it will be a no brainer for you to get the best audio you can out of that.

     My Best,

     The Basic Filmmaker