How To Learn About Sound and Audio - Basic Filmmaker Ep 192


     Little did I know posting this video would be received (by a very few) as a "commercial" and that I was doing this as a favor or to make some extra cash.

     Well, fine, and, don't care.

     When I find something I really like, I get excited about it, and review and post a video about it - in this case a review of Curtis Judd's sound and audio course.

     Heck! I even got everyone watching the video $20 off the course with this link:

     Some are wondering why the hell I would send people off to another course when I have my own free and paid courses at Basic Filmmaker University.

     Well, you see, when I find something I really like, I get excited about it, and review and post a video about it...

     I just can't get it across to some people that I did NOT create my new University or my YouTube channel for money, or fame, or anything else other than trying to help out other people, in this case filmmakers who want, no - NEED, to learn good fundamentals on getting good sound for their videos.

     And, when I do make money off these things, apparently that's some evil crime in YouTube land. I mean, shouldn't I spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours and not make any money?

     Apparently, some don't get basic economics and the fact that you need to make more than you spend, or, you go broke, and can't afford to make anything anymore. Or even scarier, maybe they do.  I hope not.

     And, apparently I am a terrible person for doing things like that.

     Well thank [insert deity or whatever of your choice here] that is only a few people.

     And, for those very few people that fall under the above, let me repeat a long-standing comment I've made a number times in my videos - DON'T CARE.

     For everyone else, thank you for supporting the Basic Filmmaker University and my YouTube channel.

     Really.  I couldn't be happier with all the kind people I've met doing the things that I do, and that probably includes you if you're still reading this. :)

     Thank you!

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


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