My Very Long and Very Overdue Q&A Video - Basic Filmmaker Ep 194

     Shame on me!

     I needed a viewer to remind me that I hadn't done a Q&A video in over four months!

     I REALLY like doing these Q&A videos.  They're fun to do, allow me to add some humor (well, at least humorous to me), and I usually take the opportunity to offer my opinion on something.

     It always reminds me of how many cool people there are out there that support what I am trying to do, and I appreciate it.

     Currently, I am working on another new course over at Basic Filmmaker University - these are SO time intensive and involved. OK, maybe they are for me as I'm really picky about the research and what I am saying to make sure it's all legit, and more importantly, that every lecture offers something to the student they can APPLY to their filmmaking.

     I am also considering making a video about gaining subscribers.This may sound self-serving, but really, I am not a "see how many subscribers I can get" kind of guy.  However, I am a "see how I can attract subscribers who may need and want these types videos and don't know the channel exists" type of guy.

     Mainly I want to do a test - if I make a "call to arms"  type video, asking all my subscribers and viewers to help me up my subscriber count, would this actually work?

     I want to see if this is a viable process for YouTube creators and if so, share it with them on my YouTube course as a successful action, or, a "don't do this" thing.

     I haven't quite figured out how to present this without coming off "subscriber" hungry, which I am most definitely not.  I've always said that as long as I have ten people interested in making their filmmaking a bit better, I'll keep making these videos.

     So it's a bit of a conundrum - how to I do this test without looking like I am hungry for subscribers?  Still figuring that one out.

     Anyway, thanks for watching, thanks for your support, and we'll talk to you next week when I (hopefully) start my series of reviews on the stabilizer I eluded to in the Q&A video.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


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