A Fantastic YouTuber To Follow Ash Tailor

     OK, I'll admit it publicly - I'm not really a fan boy of pretty much anything, but I REALLY like Dave Dugdale and what he has done for filmmakers and YouTube creators.

     It's not often I meet someone who is kind, honest, has a sense of values, and is willing to offer a kind word of support or encouragement, expecting nothing in return.

     He's that kind of guy, which is why I've been following his YouTube channel for years.

     When Dave posted this video, mentioning my channel, I almost missed it, as I was absolutely astounded at what this guy Ash Tailor is doing.

     Some of his videos aren't even interesting to me as far as subject matter, but WOW!  They are just really, really, good to look at, and to be frank, makes me ashamed I don't make more time to up the quality of my own videos.

     I am definitely working on a plan to make my videos of a MUCH higher quality in the near future, but many things have to occur before I am able to allot the time needed to do so.

     But I have to thank Dave for turning me and everyone else onto Ash, and Ash himself for really getting a few of us to stop for a moment, and realize the potential we wield in our hands as filmmakers to really use the tools we have to hand to provide visually stunning content to our audiences.

                    My Best,

                    The Basic Filmmaker