Dear Friends and Family, Support the Passion - Basic Filmmaker Ep 200

     FOR YEARS I've listened to people, families and friends complain about each others hobby or life interests. 

     I decided to make a statement on the subject of PASSION to them all.

     I try not to make statements like this, as it seems a bit pompous or arrogant, but sometimes I've just had ENOUGH of the complaining.

     These days the "fad" seems to be tearing people down and everyone jumping in the pool to join the party.

     I'm THAT guy standing at the edge of the pool shaking his head.
     I LOVE artists, and that includes anyone who attempts to create anything out of nothing.

     It is my opinion that the world needs more people who can create things, and these people need to be supported.

                         My Best,

                          The Basic Filmmaker