Free Titles Course - Basic Filmmaker Ep 201

     Yep, you're seeing a whole lot of posts in a small span of time from the website, and that's because I've been very remiss in posting here.

     I've been REALLY busy getting Basic Filmmaker University and the paid and free courses up and running, and WOW - it is far more time consuming than I ever imagined.

     I am hoping to get the university going well enough with enough follows so I can move into doing YouTube and these courses full-time, as I'm really ready for a change from the commercial filmmaking world into a world where I can deliver knowledge and instruction to people who would like it.

     I plan on keeping things flowing, honest, and simple, and I an hoping the people who follow me on YouTube, various social media services, and have enrolled in the university, appreciate what I am trying to do.

     You cannot over estimate how much I care about people who are willing to learn, and will continue to offer whatever knowledge I can share as long as they do.

     Here's a few links if you are interested:

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker


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