Guest Post - Michael Hall - What's a "Mise en scène" Infographic?

     Michael Hall over at the ShoHawk website asked if I would consider a guest post on my website where he talks about what a Mise en scene is with an infographic.

Sure! Take it away Michael!

 An Overview of Mise en Scene

      “Mise en scene” is a French word that means placements on set, by describing the various aspects of film production. If you’re a filmmaker, you’ve likely heard the term and possibly been confused as to why this may be important to your process.

     It’s is a wide term and involves the whole process of the film’s production. This process starts with story writing, arranging for actors, arranging sets, screenplay, dialogue, lights, camera, costumes and much more than one can think or imagine.

     Mise en scene is essentially the way by which everything about a picture or film is depicted to the viewer in a very simple and a strong way.

     This requires a lot of observation and detailing. It needs to be planned and then executed step by step. This means that the mise en scene needs to be coordinated and arranged properly so that there aren’t any flaws.

     A little oversight can also lead to misrepresentation of facts and the viewer can get a total wrong impression of what you’re trying to depict. Check, recheck and coordinate with your team properly and make things transparent and clear. If you make a checklist of the set, this will make it easy for you to remember things and reduce any risk of omission or flaw.

     Mise en scene is the most important part of a film - you can say that it is the heart of the whole system that supplies the most required blood to the body which helps one to live.

     I’ve put together the following infographic to help you understand what you should look for as you start putting your scenes together.

     Michael Hall runs the production company ShoHawk, with director Christopher Sakr.