Saturday, March 26, 2016

Time Management For Filmmakers - Basic Filmmaker Ep 182

     After receiving an email from a viewer, and talking to a few other filmmakers, it occurred to me some people have a problem with time management.

     And it is a real problem.

     Filmmaking has schedules, time constraints, delivery dates, and more little gears than a futuristic robot.

     Most filmmakers know on a large production, that tight scheduling and planning shot lists, location availability lists, and so on, are crucial to meeting deadlines.

     There's an army of people before you and after you that are counting on these schedules being met, and if you muff it, the whole thing can fall apart and cost a nautical eff ton of money.

     What's never occurred to most, is that it is much better, saner, smart, and pleasurable to lay out one's day. That puts YOU in the driver seat and let's you control your life.

     There will ALWAYS be time pressures, but if you don't account for things like some personal time, family time, breakfast, lunch and dinner time, moving that sedentary editing in a chair body around time, looking at the world for 10 minutes instead of a computer screen time, well, you actually lose time under the illusion that you are saving time.

     I know this as a fact, as I've been around people who work very hard for a very long stretches, for most of my life.  I myself, work incredibly long hours.

     But there is a point where your eyeballs looking at an editing timeline need to take a break.

     If you really plan out your day, and try and get those things done you need to get done, and account for all these little things that help you be productive, you'll have a lot more fun and enjoy what you are doing.

      This video tries to address that, and possibly help a few filmmakers, or anyone for that matter, get some control back to their crazy lives.

     As long as you keep it fun, don't beat yourself up on what you DIDN'T get done, praise yourself for what you DID get done, you'll love this simple method of planning out your day.

     I am sure all sorts of people have their own methods of making sure they plan things so they can live life, and that's good.

     But for those hard working people who don't, this video is dedicated to you.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What is an Editing Timeline? Basic Filmmaker Ep 181

     This video was made for very new filmmakers and video editors.

     I got a lot of requests from a lot of new filmmakers to explain the timeline in a video editing system

     I thought this was odd.  Surely (don't call me Shirley) there must be a ton of videos covering this.

     I didn't look at everything, but most of the tutorials I saw jumped into all the editing features and what all those little buttons and widgets do, but I couldn't find anyone who had simply explained what a timeline does, and what it's for.

     That's why I made this video, because of all the requests, and because someone will want to know this.

     I imagine a lot of people will think this video is too basic or stupid or whatever, and I don't care. 

     I don't think there is anyone who first started out in filmmaking, ran up a video editor for the first time, and didn't think or mutter the words, "Holy s**t!"

      Hopefully this video will help those who requested it, and other new filmmakers in the future who want to know what a timeline is.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saramonic SmartRig - Connect an XLR Mic to a Phone - Basic Filmmaker Ep 180

     Pretty simple video.

     I was poking around and saw this XLR adapter to an iPhone (or any smart device) and thought I would check it out.

     It's $22, and not bad for a backup in case of emergency.

     It's obviously odd, as why would you take a $600 microphone and connect it to a $22 adapter to record on your iPhone.

     Well, as I said, in case of emergency.

     There have been one or two times when everything was going really bad with sound, and I would have killed to have something like this parked in a bag somewhere.

     I'm watching these Saramonic people pretty closely.  They seem to have pretty good budget filmmaker gear and I am finding them to be really nice people.

     I also made a point in this video about doing your own research.

     I mean, really.  You watch someone do a review, then just go out and buy the thing, and then complain to the reviewer that they didn't cover some essential need you want?

     Always do your research.  Just go look at some reviews, or look at the specs on the manufacturer's web site.

     That's your best bet to get the gear you need and want.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic FIlmmaker

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tips for Gear Manufacturers, Advertisers, Angencies, Reviewers, and Viewers - Basic Filmmaker Ep 179

     Maybe I'll get a bunch of crap for his video, and I don't care.

     When I see companies do really stupid things, it pisses me off.


     Companies hold any number of people's lives in their hands. The employees, their spouses, the employee's children and so on, all depend on the company making smart decisions and being successful.

     When I see people in companies do really stupid things, it also pisses me off.


     People depend on a company for their wherewithal, and what they do in that company certainly DOES affect the company and people in that company.

     I don't know if this is true, but my Mom once told me there was an Indian tribe where all major decisions made by it's leaders had to take into account the effect it would have on the next THREE generations of people.

     I think that is smart, and, a way to do business and live life.

     In this video I list a couple companies and people in those companies that have done some really stupid things.

     You think this video is long?  Not by a long shot.

     It was originally twice as long as I listed company after company, and person after person in those companies doing really stupid things.

     By stupid things, I mean things that make you stand back and face palm your head.

     I am NOT anti-company by a long shot. I think people who are anti-company are basically jerks.  Companies employ lots of people, they contribute to the economy, they keep things going.

     Those companies are run by people.  Take away the people, and you've got a building that does nothing.

     So, I decided if even ONE company watched this and maybe took a look around their company, weeded out even ONE stupid thing that company or it's employees are doing, that would help the company and it's people to do better.

     Next I covered ONE ad agency.  There are many who just don't get that the same rules above apply to them too.

     Then I went on to give YouTube reviewers some tips about how to deal with all this.  It disgusts me that a few companies and ad agencies will throw mere pennies or make it look like some big deal that they are giving a $300 piece of gear to someone for a review.

     To top it off, some idiot a-holes watch these reviews and start taking pot shots at the people who do reviews as if they've committed some GIANT CRIME for spending 100 hours of their time to review something for them, which they get to watch FOR FREE.

     In a nutshell, I made this video to tell everyone to get their heads out of their behinds, quit acting snarky and entitled, and just place nice.

     Maybe no one will get the point, and that's OK. I said my piece, and now I'm moving on to more important things.

     But for the SMALL percentage of a-holes in the world who make it hard for the LARGE percentage of good people making this world go round, now I have something to send them when they crawl out of their holes and start making noise.

     Yeah, some people aren't going to like this video.

     Don't care. :)

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker

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