Does a $125 lens hold up to a $350 lens? Canon 50mm Comparison - Basic Filmmaker Ep 211

     Some people's biggest concern is how much money they spend on something.  For others, cost is no object as it's all about quality. Most fall somewhere in-between.

     Besides the most asked question I get of all time, "Which camera should I buy?", one of the top most asked questions is asking me whether or not a more expensive lens is better than a cheaper lens, and what's the difference.

     Honestly, I can't buy and review and compare all the lenses I am asked about with all the other lenses, or my entire channel would turn into the "Lens Comparison Channel" and I'd also have even more crap I don't need (sliders, lenses, cameras, monitors, and to infinity and beyond). I swear I am going to host an online garage sale at some point.

     Anyway, I thought I'd just take a cheapo 50mm Canon lens at $125, the infamous "nify fifty", and compare it to the similar next in the line $350 50mm Canon lens.

     This is NOT a specs, deep endless pixel peeping, moire, bohka, endless review of these lenses.  All I'm trying to do is say, "Here's a cheap lens. Here's one that costs twice as much. If you SEE a difference, and you think it's worth it. then get the more expensive lens."

     There is NO way I would choose the cheaper lens, as the more expensive one (really, $350 for a lens is NOT expensive) is built better, will last forever, is weather protected, focuses really fast, feels better, and why the heck would I cheap out on the FIRST thing my image is going to go through before it hits the camera and the sensor - THE LENS!

     So, if you're a budget type person, and you think the cheaper lens works, then by all means use that.  If you think the more expensive lens is worth it, by all means get something like that.

     Do remember though, no matter how much you spend on gear, no matter what you end up getting, it's ALWAYS BETTER TO GO SHOOT SOMETHING WITH CRAP GEAR THAN SHOOT NOTHING WITH GOOD GEAR.

     I hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by.

                         My Best,

                         The Basic Filmmaker