Update and Coming in July

I've been extremely busy writing a book and creating a new course, which I scrapped and started over 3 times!


Six months ago, I decided to set a target of posting a new course every other month. That's pretty stiff (possibly insane) as these courses take a huge amount of time, planning, and money (when I'm working on these, I'm not getting paid).

The first one I tackled was highly requested - "How to make money as a filmmaker."  I was determined to make this applicable to anyone including those just starting out.

I did a lot of research, digging, and interviewed people from all walks of life.  I came to realize this subject of money was much larger in scope than just filmmakers - almost everyone trying to make it in the arts has problems with money.

So I scrapped everything and started over. Round Two!

I continued this new production and no matter where I turned, I found the subject pretty darn EXPLOSIVE!  Nearly everyone had a million "opinions" and "how to's" regarding money. Yet, they all still had problems with money!

My thought on this round was, "Wow!  I really stepped into a **** storm of a subject, far more reaching in scope than I ever imagined!"

I decided to ditch the entire project as it was too complex, taking far too much time ($$$), and not strictly targeted at the audience I am very passionate about helping - filmmakers.

Cool. Done. Next project!

Wait. Not cool!

Thought one: "That sounds like a lot of excuses and reasons for not finishing what you started."

Thought two: "Why is this so hard?  I've never had problems doing what I want to do and making money at it."

Thought three: "Huh.  What about other people who do have problems with money?"

Thought four: "Crap."

So I scrapped everything again. Woohoo! Round three!

I went back to the drawing board, tore the subject of money to pieces, threw out all the B.S. that "everyone knows" as true, found the workable basics, and built it back up from there.

I ended up with the Basics of Money - what money is, how it works, and how to do what you want to do and make money doing it.

I just completed the paperback and e-Book editions which are now published and available on Amazon.  The book was re-written (at least seven times) until I was sure it was understandable and the principles could be used, otherwise, what's the point?

The Audiobook (still in review) should be ready in about a week or two, and available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Shooting and editing the Basics of Money will be wrapped soon, and the course will be released in July, available exclusively at Basic Filmmaker University.

I did everything possible to make it affordable for just about anyone - priced at $49.

You can check out the course page and curriculum here.

I've been asked if there is any difference between the course, audio book, e-Book and paperback and books.  
The content is the same but the course is presented "live" by the instructor (me), concepts are shown visually, and a very thorough course quiz is included at the end.

People assimilate information in different ways.  Many wanted both the visual course format and the companion reading materials, hence the different options provided.

These books and course contain everything you need to know about money - what it is, how it works, and how to make it - no matter what you want to do.

I have to say, it may look simple now, but this one was a beast!

Thank you for being patient!
My Best,

The Basic Filmmaker