New Money Course and Video - Basic Filmmaker Ep 219

I covered this before, but I thought I would refresh the subject since I just posted a new video about this to my YouTube audience.

Round One!

Over six months ago, I decided to set a target of posting a new course every other month. That's pretty stiff (possibly insane) as these courses take a huge amount of time, planning, and money.  I have a real job in the industry, so When I'm working on these, I'm not getting paid. Oh yeah, let's not forget I have the care and feeding of a YouTube channel where I try (TRY!!!) and create weekly episodes. But you don't get crap done by thinking of all the reasons you can't do it.

Onward ho!

The first one I tackled was highly requested - "How to make money as a filmmaker." I was determined to make this applicable to anyone including those just starting out. I did a lot of research, digging, and interviewed people from all walks of life. I came to realize this subject of money, how to make it, was much larger in scope than just filmmakers - almost everyone trying to make it in the ARTS has problems with money.  So I gritted my teeth, scrapped everything and started over.

Round Two!

As I continued this NEW production, no matter where I turned, I found the subject pretty darn EXPLOSIVE! Nearly everyone had a million "opinions" and "how to's" regarding money. Worse, most everyone sat there telling themselves they DIDN'T have problems with money, and even if they did, well, what can you do about it?

Wait...What? My thought on this round was, "Wow! I really stepped into a **** storm of a subject!" I decided to ditch the entire project as it was too complex, taking far too much time and money, and not strictly targeted at the audience I am VERY passionate about helping - filmmakers.

Cool. Done! Wait...Not so cool!  Thought one was: "That sounds like a lot of excuses and reasons for not finishing what you started."


Thought two was: "Why is this subject so hard? I've never had problems doing what I want to do and making money at it."  Thought three was: "Huh. What about all the other people who have problems with money? I wonder if I could help?" Thought four was: "Crap."  So I scrapped everything and started again.

Woohoo! Round three!

I went back to the drawing board, tore the subject of money to pieces, threw out all the B.S. that "everyone knows" as true, found the workable basics, and built it back up from there.  I ended up with the Basics of Money - what money is, how it works, and how to do what you want to do and make money doing it.


Well, if it's for nearly anyone, then I need to make it available for anyone in any format.  Great idea!
Time marches on...

First the book. How the hell do you write and publish a book? Uhhhhh... That was a whole process in itself, and a lot of work.

DONE! But wait!!!   What about the e-boook format? OK, now I had to figure out how to write an e-Book and publish it, which is a whole 'NOTHER process!

OK.  Done and ready to fire.

But Wait!!! What about the audiobook format?  Son of a bitch!!! How do you narrate a book and get it published as an audiobook? Beats the heck out of me! Oh, and it should available on Auduble, Amazon, AND iTunes! Eyyiyi... So off I go...and finally - Tadah!!  DONE!

But wait!!! I never finished the whole point, which was the online course.  Son of a bitch!!!  So off I went and created that too, an incredible amount of work i itself, but finally finished that.

If the saying goes that I may have bit off more than I can chew, I would liken it to putting a cow between TWO buns and calling it a hamburger. [Joke delivered, drops the mic, and exits.]

Anyway, despite the time, money and effort involved, it still needed to be accessible by everyone, so now I had to make it affordable without losing my pants.

The course is priced the at $49, the paperback at $7.99, the e-Book at $4.99,and the audiobooks (which I found I don't get to set the price of) landed at $4.87.

Oddly enough, even though this is all about money, I probably won't make a lot of money at this point.  I'm filing that under things that make me LMAO! But that's OK, as I didn't make them to make money.  I made them so YOU can.

I can honestly say these materials contain everything you need to know about money - what it is, how it works, and how to make it - no matter what you want to do. It may look simple now, but this one was a beast!

p.s. You might want to watch the end of the video as I have a message to people who think it is a crime to make money. :)

Here;s the links to everything:


My Best,

Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker