What Does This Have To Do With Filmmaking? The Basics of Money

This is a seriously exciting time for me - the release of a new COURSE at Basic Filmmaker University, an accompanying PAPERBACK and E-BOOK published on Amazon, and audiobooks published on AMAZON, AUDIBLE and iTUNES!

These took an incredibly long time as I scrapped the project and started over 3 times!

If you're curious why I spent the time and money to complete this project, read on...

Over six months ago, I decided to set a target of posting a new course every other month. That's pretty stiff (possibly insane) as these courses take a huge amount of time, planning, and money (when I'm working on these, I'm not getting paid).

The first one I tackled was highly requested - "How to make money as a filmmaker." I was determined to make this applicable to anyone including those just starting out.

I did a lot of research, digging, and interviewed people from all walks of life. I came to realize this subject of money was much larger in scope than just filmmakers - almost everyone trying to make it in the arts has problems with money.

So I scrapped everything and started over. Round Two!

I continued this new production and no matter where I turned, I found the subject pretty darn EXPLOSIVE! Nearly everyone had a million "opinions" and "how to's" regarding money. Yet, they all still had problems with money!

My thought on this round was, "Wow! I really stepped into a **** storm of a subject, far more reaching in scope than I ever imagined!"

I decided to ditch the entire project as it was too complex, taking far too much time ($$$), and not strictly targeted at the audience I am very passionate about helping - filmmakers.

Cool. Done. Next project!

Wait...Not cool!

Thought one: "That sounds like a lot of excuses and reasons for not finishing what you started."

Thought two: "Why is this so hard? I've never had problems doing what I want to do and making money at it."

Thought three: "Huh. What about other people who do have problems with money?"

Thought four: "Crap."

So I scrapped everything again. Woohoo! Round three!

I went back to the drawing board, tore the subject of money to pieces, threw out all the B.S. that "everyone knows" as true, found the workable basics, and built it back up from there.

I ended up with the Basics of Money - what money is, how it works, and how to do what you want to do and make money doing it.

I wanted to make it available for anyone in any format, which is why I wrote the book, created and narrated the audiobook, and created the online course.

I did everything possible to make it affordable for almost anyone by pricing the course at $49, the paperback at $7.99, the e-Book at $4.99,and the audiobooks (which I don't get to set the price of) which landed at $4.87.

Oddly enough, unless these really take off, I invested a ton of time and money into something that I probably won't make a lot of money at.

I'll file that under things that make me LMAO!

Actually, I am hoping to get enough people interested in this ("HELLO! IT'S MAKING MONEY!") to at least recoup the costs.

Kind of doesn't matter now, as I did it, it's done, and I am very proud of the accomplishment.

I can honestly say these books and course contain everything you need to know about money - what it is, how it works, and how to make it - no matter what you want to do.

It may look simple now, but this one was a beast!

Lastly, I thought I would share some nice surprises I got to read after the release of these materials.

Here's some really nice (and very much unsolicited) reviews on the course and Amazon books...

Excellent, no BS course on all money related!

"I highly praise you for demystifying 'money', and all its connotations, as well as the concept of 'success in business'. And you're such an honest and no BS teacher :-)! Love it!"

The best book I've read in a LONG time!

"This book was fantastic. It explains things efficiently and is easy-to-read. I loved learning so much so fast. I love the YouTube channel this author runs and I expected nothing less of his book but it far exceeds my wildest expectations. Great book I recommend to anyone and everyone, not just those in the film industry."

If you want to understand what money is and how to make it, this book is for you.

"You might think that every book about making money would spend some time discussing the nature of money, but you would be wrong. Most books on the subject either ignore it altogether or define money as something mystical. (I have read books that suggest going to a fancy restaurant and ordering coffee so you can soak up the "feeling" of affluence and another that suggested using affirmations to attract money. The latter also advised picking up every coin you saw on the ground because failing to do so would undercut the affirmations.

"This is what makes "The Basics of Money" so refreshing. The author, Kevin Filmmaker, begins at the beginning by explaining the fundamental reality of money.

"Regardless of its form (e.g. dollar bills, gold coins, bags of salt), money is a means of facilitating the exchange of value for value and as such is a brilliant solution to the problem of bartering. With money, you no longer have to cart the things of value that you have around to all the people who have things of value that you want and hope that they want what you have.

"As Kevin puts it:

"Money represents the chicken and the bread and the gas. Anyone who wants your chickens gives you money and you accept it. Anyone who sells bread or gas will accept your money. And so it goes with all goods and services."

"Knowing the nature of money tells you most of what you need to know about how to make it. Once you understand that money is just a means of more easily exchanging values, it becomes clear that you make money by creating something of value, this can be a good or service, and trading it to someone who wants it for money.

"While "The Basics of Money" won't tell you what product or service to trade, it does provide you with six basic steps of how to take the values you are already creating, you are creating more than you may think, and trade them for money.

"If you are not making as much money as you want, and Kevin provides some advice for how much is enough, you need to find which of the steps you didn't do or didn't apply correctly, fix that problem, and try again.

"If you want to make money, you can't just think about it, you have to take action. To help put his ideas into actual practice, the author provides practice drills at the end of each chapter to help you to take action to make them a part of your life.

"This book contains much more than what I have hinted at here, such as chapters on complaining, entitlement, dealing with advice, and laziness, and much more.

"There are a couple ideas that I found especially compelling and deserve at least a brief mention.

"One, that the key to success is to not just provide equal value but to provide more than expected. This is an idea I have already starting exploring how it can be implemented in my job.

"The other, discussed in the chapter "Your Value," is the idea that every productive person, regardless of the scale of their production, is a hero who deserves our thanks. This includes me and it includes you too.

"In a world where the nature and source of money is ignored or distorted, The Basics of Money is a book that anyone who has money, wants to make more money, or simply uses money (i.e. everyone) will find enlightening."

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